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Mosquito Misting for Mosquito Control

mosquito misting


mosquito misting
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Mosquito Misting News
Summer 2011

The word mosquito is the Spanish word for little fly, and the female mosquito can be adisease carrying, blood sucking menace. Mosquitos have been around for over 100 million of years and have become nature’s guided missiles for targeting unsuspecting mammals, often humans. Mosquitoes have the physical characteristics of other insects; they have a head, thorax, and abdomen. What makes them unique are their people finding skills.

Mosquito adults feed on flower nectar, juices, and decaying matter, not on us or our blood. The female mosquito needs a feeds on blood for development of her eggs.

Mosquitoes use three sensory inputs to find their targets. The first is chemical detection. For example, every time a person exhales, he releases carbon dioxide. Mosquitoes then detect the carbon dioxide and hone in on the source. Mosquitoes use sight as their second method of detection. A mosquito’s sight is based on two factors. One is color. A mosquito sees the contrast between the color of clothing and that of a person's skin. And secondly, mosquitoes pick up movement which indicates a likely living target. The mosquito becomes a heat seeking missile that can detect the body heat of an individual over short distances.

Twenty-seven hundred species of mosquitoes

There are more than twenty-seven hundred species of mosquitoes. Most of them can be broken down into three types. The first type is the Aedes mosquito, they are the strongest flyers and are capable of moving as far as seventy-five miles from there breeding site. The Aedes is especially prone to biting humans. The second type of mosquito is the Anopheles. This type is known to carry malaria. The Culex mosquito has the most painful bite, however it prefers birds over people.

Many choices in mosquito control

If a mosquito isn't born, it can’t bite you. This equals mosquito control. There are a few simple measures you can take around your home to prevent mosquitoes from breeding. First go through your yard and the sides of your home to find breeding spots. This means identifying places were water is standing or could stand. Some obvious places include; children’s pools, bird baths, containers, tarps, drains, and gutters. In addition to these artificial places, there are natural breeding sites around your home; places like tree holes and ditches. After locating these sites the water should be removed and the container covered. Ponds can be treated by adding fish that eat mosquito larvae.

Some simple things you can do to protect yourself are wearing long sleeved clothing when possible and apply repellents containing DEET. Mosquitoes are most active at dusk and dawn so you can minimize bites by staying indoors at these times.

Mosquito misting an ideal solution

Mosquito misting is a new entrant to the arsenal to combat mosquitoes. The mosquito misting control system is used to create a perimeter around the area in which you wish to ward off pests. Nozzles are placed around the yard and in the eaves that mist the pyrethrum at desired intervals.

Sorting out pyrethrum from pyrethrins: Pyrethrum is the flower and the name given to the extracted and refined material. Pyrethrins is the component of the extract that has insect killing/repelling properties. Pyrethrum is made up of 6 components: Cinerins I, Cinerins II, Pyrethrins I, Pyrethrins II, Jasmolin I and Jasmolin II. Because the pyrethrins are the only bits worth paying for, they are the bits measured and recognised on the label.

Pyrethrins can be natural (extract from the chrysanthemum flower) or synthetic or a mixture of both. Pyrethrum will kill any insect, mite and spider that you spray it on, provided the concentration is high enough. But it doesn't last. Sunlight breaks it down in hours, this means pyrethrums by themselves have short residuals.This is a safe solution. Toxicity to mammals is so low as to be almost inconsequential. In fact, you can find Pyrethrums in food you eat and clothing you wear.

Not that it doesn't have a dark side. It does. Natural pyrethrum can cause allergic reactions in some people. Sneezing is perhaps the first noticeable symptom. If you get an allergic reaction to it, stay well out of the action. Don't use it. Sorry, the great advantages of pyrethrum are not for you.

Even with mosquito misting systems you still may have the occasional mosquito in your yard simply by being blown in, but you can expect to be in your yard worry free and comfortable. Pyrethrums are one of your safer alternatives, see toxicity Information for Pyrethrins and see some samples of MSDS sheet for a typical Pyrethrins. Always read the MSDS for the product you use in your mosquito misting system because there are many combinations used. Here is another example of a MSDS for Pyrethrum used on fruits . Also make sure your installer is properly licensing ( See state of Texas warning ) .


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